Restorations to 21 Washington Square

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2020 Preservation Award

21 Washington Square is a large, Greek Revival style single family home situated in Salem, MA directly across from the historic Salem Common. The home was constructed in 1837 and is on the MA State Register of Historic Places.

When purchased the home was dated and in disrepair on both the interior and exterior. It was clad in asbestos shingle siding and most of the trim had perceptible rot or missing portions.

Salem Renewal Ventures purchased the home in 2018 and adapted it for two 2,100 and 2,300 s.f. townhome residential units. The asbestos siding was removed revealing pristine flat board siding on the Washington Square façade and intact clapboard siding on the remaining elevations. All the cladding were readily restorable and the replicated and refurbished watertables, trimboards and soffits all came together as a beautiful restoration project. A large wrought-iron snow fence was removed and refurbished with some replicated pieces added. A former porch over the first floor mudroom/ pantry received a new period-detailed  balustrade and decking.

The interior main stairs were retained, restored and extended to the upper level. Existing Period detailing was retained restored and/ or replicated in the main living areas.  The site was upgraded with brick paths, landscaping, stone patios and wrought iron fence and gate along Washington Square.