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Lynch Van Otterloo YMCA and Early Learning Center

92,000 s.f, multi-use YMCA, ELC and daycare new facility in Salem, MA for Marblehead, Swampscott and Salem communities, completed in 2017

SAI recently completed extensive renovations to the Lynch Van Otterloo YMCA in Marblehead, MA. The YMCA elected to modernize and adopt new fitness programs, updated “Kids Club”, Daycare and state of the art Yoga Studio, (the latter scheduled for completion in 2019). Of note is the extensive renovation and re-organization of the entry Lobby and check-in, membership services/ administration space. SAI created a centralized control desk with radiating programs of membership, check-in, administration and physical training counseling. The close proximity to the “heart” of the complex allows for security and direct administrative interaction with both existing and prospective members.

SAI design a modernization of the “Kids Club” a play area for children which allows parents to partake in the YMCA’s programs and facilities. A challenge for this space was the introduction of a centrally accessible toilet and changing area. SAI created a central interpretive “house” with interactive walls, whiteboard, magnetic play wall, and video monitor. The necessity of this dedicated toilet space was transformed into an amenity. Contiguous to the Kid’s Club, a portion of the Café seating area was annexed to accommodate and modernize the lounge/ café area by providing bar height seating and viewing via built-in cabinetry.

SAI designed a state-of-the-art X-Training facility by infilling a double height space and annexing a former Multi-purpose room. This new program is enjoying extensive use and has increased membership significantly.

SAI addressed operational issues such as acoustics and deferred maintenance scope as part of the renovation scope of work.

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